October 22, 2017

Keeping Your Home’s Air Ducts Clean

Remember back in school when you first looked at a drop of water through a microscope? While clean to the naked eye, the drop contained millions of tiny organisms. This is exactly how the air in your home looks under a microscope – dirty and full of life. While myriads of households have more than adequate measures to heat, cool, purify and ventilate their homes, there’s one particular area that remains forgotten during general cleaning; the air ducts.

It’s very important to make sure that your home’s ventilation and air ducts are clean and free of dust. Ignoring the state of your vents could see the dust continually circulate through your entire home, rendering all your air purification efforts useless. Instead of putting your whole family at risk of countless skin and respiratory issues, why not invest in simple preventative practices? Here are a few benefits of keeping your home’s air ducts clean all the time.

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Clean Air Ducts Promote Better Indoor Air Quality

First off, it’s obvious that you want your family to breathe easier and stay healthy. You may assume that your air ducts are clean since all they transport is air. However, these ducts are actually conduits for some of the most disgusting stuff you could ever find a home.

Aside from the usual fair such as dust, particles, debris, leaves and trash, some people have actually removed entire rodents and pets from small ducts. You can imagine how much damage this could do to anyone living in that house; not to mention the stench. Long story short, clean air ducts equals healthy family and a longer lifespan for your pets.

Save Money and Energy

Did you know that according to the U.S DPT of energy, over 40 percent of all energy used for warming and cooling in homes is wasted? That’s right, and one of the major culprits responsible for this was none other than dirt. See, air duct systems usually run through your entire home. When there’s too much dirt and debris clogging your ducts, your HVAC system has to work even harder to produce warm or cold air. This is why you usually get such an unbelievably steep power bill at the end of the month. Keeping your air ducts clean should see the efficiency of your heating and cooling appliances improve significantly.

Now that you know all the top merits of maintaining clean air ducts, there’s just a few more facts you have to understand to get the job right.

Air Duct Cleaning Pro Tip

Cleaning Air Ducts is not really a do-it-yourself job. Sure, you might be inclined to do it, but chances are that you don’t have the right tools in the first place. And even if you had highly specialized industrial high-powered vacuums and specialized rotary brushes, you probably don’t have decades of experience with ductwork. Even the experts know that there’s always a risk of dislodging vital components or even tearing entire walls off. If minor damages run undetected, then they could escalate and severely impact the efficiency of your heating and cooling units. So stay safe, stay healthy and let a trained air duct cleaning expert handle the job the right way.

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