October 22, 2017

Compelling Reasons For Keeping Regular Furnace Maintenance

Furnaces keep homes warm during cold weather. Like any other HVAC appliances, they need to be maintained regularly for them to work properly. Common furnace problems like poor indoor air quality, noisy operation, and inconsistent heating can be resolved by conducting regular maintenance at least once a year. What’s interesting is most home owners ignore their furnaces until they stop working. This shouldn’t be the case. If you want compelling reasons to have your furnace maintained regularly, look no further.

Four Compelling Reasons for Keeping Regular Furnace Maintenance

1. It’s cost effective

A poorly maintained furnace will always break down faster and demand lots of money to fix. Although most people overlook maintenance to avoid the cost of hiring furnace repair experts as well as paying for furnace parts, this cost is way lower than the cost of repairing a furnace that has broken down completely. Furthermore, you are bound to incur additional costs looking for alternative methods of heating your home in winter while your furnace is being fixed. In the worst case scenario, you may be forced to buy a new furnace. It’s, therefore, better to deal with a small cost (paying for regular furnace maintenance) instead of the costs associated with big repairs and alternative heating costs.

2. You avoid inconveniences during the cold season

The inconveniences associated with having a spoilt furnace in winter are dire. First and foremost, you need to find a furnace repair expert which is a daunting task during winter. You must also think of other heating alternatives before your furnace is fixed. Don’t forget the fact that HVAC professionals charge more during winter. If your furnace can’t be fixed, you must find money to buy a new one. When you make all these considerations, it’s more convenient to maintain your furnace regularly than to avoid maintenance and have to deal with the resulting inconveniences.

3. Well maintained furnaces use very little energy

Regular furnace maintenance is also important if you want to reduce your heating bills. Furnaces tend to use more power than necessary when they have malfunctioning parts. Clogged filters, blowers, and ducts are known to reduce furnace energy efficiency. To avoid doubling or even tripling your energy bill during winter, it’s advisable to maintain your furnace at least twice a year, before and after winter.

4. Boosts air quality/prevent health hazards

Regular furnace maintenance is also compelling for health and safety reasons. For instance, clogged filters can’t be able to filter dust and airborne particles from circulating in your home. A malfunctioning furnace can also produce and distribute harmful gases like carbon monoxide in your home. Considering carbon monoxide is odorless and lethal (it can kill) when inhaled for a prolonged time, regular furnace maintenance should be mandatory.


Regular furnace maintenance is important for avoiding inconveniences, unnecessary costs, energy inefficiency as well as poor air quality and related health hazards. Furthermore, prevention is always better than cure. To avoid problems when you need your furnace the most, ensure you maintain your furnace at least once a year. You should also work with a reputable HVAC professional to get the best furnace maintenance repair services.


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