October 22, 2017

How Often Do We Need To Have Our Furnaces Cleaned?

With the cold season behind us and the rainy season in front, your old furnace is no doubt going to be seeing a lot more action. But the great news is that now is the best time to undertake basic cleaning and maintenance. Don’t wait until the chilly autumn nights freeze your family stiff before you make a cleaning and inspection appointment.

See, unlike your car, microwave or toilet that only get used a few times a day for short periods, furnaces and boilers are a whole different ball game. In exceptionally cold seasons, the average amount of home heating we use could go as high as 20 hours a day nonstop. Today’s modern array of furnaces and heating units are made up of complex systems with mechanical components blended seamlessly.

For optimum efficiency, safety and reliability, these components need to work the way they were originally designed. However, several factors come into play and drastically reduce your heating unit’s capacity. One reason is general wear and tear that warrants repairs and replacements to be carried out. However, it’s the dirt and harmful contaminants that are the mortal enemies of any furnace. From regular old dust to deadly amounts of carbon monoxide, a dirty furnace puts your family at risk of numerous issues. A little cleaning and maintenance will go a long way towards saving your money, family’s health and keeping the furnace chugging away all season long. Before we look at more of these benefits, how often do you need to have your furnace, boilers and heating units cleaned?

How Often Do We Need To Have Our Furnaces Cleaned?

So, when is it advisable to clean out your furnaces and ducts? This is one of the most frequently asked questions concerning house maintenance. As always, we turn to the pros for an accurate and well-researched answer. According to senior furnace cleaning technicians and a barrage of HVAC experts, homeowners are advised to schedule duct cleaning services on an annual basis.

This especially applies to those who have small children and pets living in the house. That’s because fine dust particles, hairs, and debris collect in almost every part of your HVAC system. After a while, these particles, hairs, pet dander and flakes of dead skin create a dense, carpet-like environment where dust mites, mold, bacteria and all sorts of allergens can thrive. This is precisely why homeowners are advised to schedule cleaning at least once a year.

However, this is just a long-term routine advisory. Like all other areas in your home, there are always signs and symptoms that indicate when it’s time to get the furnace and ducts checked out and cleaned.

Signs that You Need to Clean your Furnace

That’s right; there are plenty of telltale symptoms of a deteriorating or contaminated furnace. Homeowners should be on the lookout for things like:
-Small wisps of dust puffing out from the air vent every time you turn on the heating and AC systems in your home
-Visible dirt and pet hairs trapped in between the vents
-A fine coat of dust all over the return air registers as well as the furnace grills
-Too much dust on your furniture and upholstery

If all or just one of the above answers are yes, then clearly your furnace is trying to tell you something. As a result, your family may experience excessive coughing, irritation, recurring respiratory illness as well as seasonal allergies. To avoid the dangers that come with neglecting your furnace, it is, therefore, wise to schedule furnace cleaning and maintenance after every few months.

Benefits of Regular Furnace Cleaning and Maintenance

=>Improved Furnace Performance– From cleaning up the airflow to repairing damaged components, a cleaner furnace will give you more heat as well as decrease chances of costly breakdowns.

=>Increased Energy Efficiency– Regular cleaning and maintenance ensures that the furnace operates at optimum efficiency. This means that it’ll use less power to run, thus reducing your monthly electric bills by a significant margin.

=>Decreased Health Risks– The dangers that come with neglecting your furnace and ductwork are innumerable. Dirty and decrepit furnaces tend to leak carbon monoxide; a colorless, odorless and very silent killer. In addition to causing headaches, dizziness, and nausea, carbon monoxide can cause the death of everyone in the house. Regular maintenance ensures any problems in the system are identified early.

Parting Shot

On a side note, dust mites may not be the only pollutants hiding away in your furnace and ductwork. Believe it or not, our furnace technicians have actually recovered rodents, roaches, old bottles, cats, birds and all sorts of lost pets and animals. These are obviously much larger contaminants that decompose slowly while stinking up the house. If you notice horrid stenches coming from the ducts, call in the pros to avoid serious health issues for you and your family. And remember; you don’t have to wait for a whole year before getting the furnace cleaned. Scheduling cleaning after every few months will give you the best value for money as well as ensure your family’s health is in no way compromised.

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