October 22, 2017

Why Does Furnace Maintenance Even Matter?

Whenever you hear a professional telling you that you need to get certain appliances in your home checked out regularly, it is understandable for you to treat their statements with a bit of skepticism. Homeowners are always wary of companies and professionals who are attempting to get more money out of them for services they do not even want to request. But when it comes to furnaces, the need for proper maintenance and cleaning is very real. Without the right maintenance, a gas furnace can become incredibly dangerous and inefficient, and it can cause some serious short and long-term problems for homeowners.

So what is the ideal number of times you should get your furnace checked each year? Experts would say two times is a comfortable amount, but one time is the bare minimum. If you really want to save as much money as possible, get your furnace checked each year when winter is approaching. Getting it checked before winter begins is the best plan of action, because you do not want to turn on a potentially dangerous or malfunctioning furnace for the first time after many months of it being dormant.

In terms of the risks associated with not getting your furnace properly checked, the biggest problem is the carbon monoxide that may come out of the area. Most homeowners are aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide, but did you know your furnace could produce the dangerous gas if it is not properly cleaned? When the air flow in a furnace is not adequate, or there is a crack in its chamber that went unnoticed, the result could be the creation of carbon monoxide. And in either case, the homeowner would have no idea something was wrong until their carbon monoxide detector starts beeping. Furnace maintenance is the best way to avoid such calamitous situations.

Long-term damage to the furnace is another possibility when it is not properly maintained. Everything will keep running smoothly, until the day when the furnace stops working. Perhaps you will smell something funky from your heating vents, or the air that comes out of them will no longer be nice and warm. In these situations, you would have to call a repair team to your home to check out the problem, and they would charge you a good amount of money to get the job done within a day or two. And you would still have to go a couple of days without any warmth at home!

Another very real consequence for not getting your furnace cleaned and maintained is the higher energy bills you are going to experience. Say you were paying $100 the past winter as your energy bill, and your furnace was running at 100 percent efficiency at the time. If you do not get it checked out before the next winter begins, and you run it consecutively for three or four months, you could end up paying anywhere from $100 or $200 more in collective energy bills for those months. It is no small amount of money, and it is an expense you could avoid by getting the services of a furnace maintenance company. The cost of the maintenance would pay for itself with saved energy bill costs, and your home would be a much safer and warmer place for yourself and your family to enjoy.

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